Meet the Authors

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Jean Lorrah

Our writing family

Winston Howlett - a long time friend and author, co-author with Jean Lorrah in "Savage Empire" author of many "Star Trek" novels and member of the "Galactic League". You can buy his books on Amazon

Lois Wickstrom - co author of the "Nessie" series. Visit "Nessie's Grotto" and learn an amazing amount about Loch Ness's beloved "Nessie"!

Karen L MacLeod - long time friend and fan and editor in cheif of many, many, MANY books, fanzines and fanfiction. Professional editor for many authors. Want an editor? Read about Karen!

Zoe Farris - long time fan and a new member of our writing/editing team. Zoe has put together the Sime~Gen Wikia (with the help of the team - Jacqueline and Jean, Karen and Aharon, with some butting in by Eliza), content edited the upcoming Anthology (more writers to add soon!) and is currently working on a print version Concordance with Jacqueline, Jean and Karen. She also created the facebook group.

Eliza Leahy - author, artist and graphic designer, Eliza designed the new "Blue" website for Sime~Gen, helps with the Wikia, produces fan art as needed and is working on several Sime~Gen novels, which may, or may not, be published.