New Novel! by Mary Lou Mendum, Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah

Clear Springs Chronicles #1 BOOK Fourteen in the Sime~Gen Universe

It has taken millennia for the Simes and Gens to find a way to survive without routinely destroying one another, and human civilization is once again rising above the level of mere survival. But the fuels of the first industrial revolution were exhausted by the Ancients, and the new fuel is selyn: plentiful, clean, and endlessly renewable.

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More books have been added to the "Audio books" so now you can listen to them as well. We will let you know as the books become available in this format.

An adventure Game for iOS is in the works as well! This is a big project and we look forward to hearing more about it from Loreful during 2015.

Sime~Gen has a wikia! This is naturally an ongoing project, and Zoe Farris and Karen MacLeod have worked hard on it. As well as information it is also illustrated by many artists, and we are looking for more artists to help produce art to illustrate it. If you are interested please join the facebook page "Sime~Gen art development"

As well as an online wiki, a paper version of a Sime~Gen Concordance is in the works. Another huge project - but it is expected to be finished and in the publishers hands during the first half of 2015.

And, as you have probably noticed, we have a new, fully functional website! So many new things for Sime~Gen!


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Synopsis of the Sime~Gen Universe

A series that starts during a troubled time and continues into the space age, the authors of these books take us on a journey of excitement, romance and exploration.


The human race has gone through an extreme mutation. It is a split that makes the male/female divide pale in comparison. The world is now home to two forms of human... (read more)

Review from "LAN's Lantern"

. . . The Sime~Gen universe is a fascinating place, partly in spite of, but largely because of its complexity. Lichtenberg and Lorrah are both good writers who can plot solidly, develop interesting and believable people, and keep the story cracking along at a good pace. (Both have written other books outside this universe.) . . . --- but I still buy every Sime~Gen book as soon as it comes out; the next time I see Jacqueline at a convention, I'll have a new list of questions. The Sime~Gen books make me think, and that's a pretty good recommendation in itself.

Looking back, I see I haven't actually reviewed Zelerod's Doom at all, so much as I have reviewed the universe in which it takes place.

David M. Shea - Lan's Lantern - Issue #22

In Memory

We will not see his like again - a man of great talent who took the role of an alien on at a time when it was considered a career killer.

Brave, talented, and made the possible career disaster into a life triumph.

b. March 26, 1931 - d. February 27, 2015

See "The Star Trek Connection"