Synopsis of the Sime~Gen Universe

picture of a Sime by Eliza Leahy The human race has gone through an extreme mutation. It is a split that makes the male/female divide pale in comparison. The world is now home to two forms of human.

Simes; at puberty a child goes through a rapid and drastic change. The main observable change is the development of tentacles along the forearms. Six on each arm, four longer and stronger handing tentacles that when sheathed lie along the up and underneath the forearms, and two smaller and delicately thin tentacles that rest sheathed at the sides of each wrist. Internally the Simes body consumes the last of the life energy, Selyn, that all children have. Simes Need this energy to live, and without it will die a horrible painful death. They get this energy from Gens.

Gens; at puberty a child goes through a physical change as well, however the changes are internal and there are no visible indicators, although Simes can use their special sense and can easily "zlin" the establishment of a gen. Gen begin to produce the life energy, Selyn. They only require a base amount to survive - Gens live on calories - so the excess Selyn is not utilised, unless by a Sime.

picture of a Transfer by Pyracantha Hannah ShaperoOne in three children of Sime parents could became Gen at puberty, as one out of three children of Gens may become Sime.

The only way for Simes to survive is to take the Selyn from Gens. For thousands of years this process resulted in the Gen's death, as the drawing of Selyn burned out their internal systems - a painful, frightening death..

Gens formed closed communities and any child going through changeover, becoming Sime, were murdered before they could Kill, often a family member.

Sime communities started as small bands of people who survived and escaped their homes and would hunt and Kill Gens when the Need demanded they get more Selyn. Eventually these bands became big enough to set up semi-permanent communities near Gen towns so that there was a regular supply of Gens, and therefore Selyn.

Eventually bordered territories formed and both sides patrolled their lands. Simes turned to breeding Gens and developed a Pen system so that every Sime would get a Gen when they were in need, paid for by a system of taxation.

Then new mutation was discovered. A Sime who could take Selyn - life energy - from a Gen without Killing them. Slowly these new Simes formed walled communities where Sime and Gen could live together without fear.

These "Householdings" were looked up with hatred by the general Sime community, and paid a heavy price in their attempt to stay free. They were taxed heavily - as they were classed as "Gen Breeders". The Gens, while free within the walls, were not free by law, and were considered to be owned by the Sectuib - the head channel of the Householding.

There are many trials and tribulations for these channels as they try to reconnect the two sides of humanity. Can they prevent the deaths of millions of Gens? Will mainstream Sime society accept not taking a Gen in the Kill, but getting their Selyn through a channel? Will the human race ever become one again?

This is what must be answered in the fight for survival.


Art by Eliza Leahy and Pyracantha Hannah Shapero